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Catastrophic Injury & Wrongful Death

In a fleeting and terrifying moment on the job, on a highway, on a neighbor's sidewalk, or almost anywhere, you find yourself hurt and incapacitated. Suddenly, every minute of your day is filled with physical pain, financial bewilderment, and medical terminology that you have never heard before. Worst of all, you doubt that anything will ever be the same as it was before you got hurt.

The future becomes frightening as lost wages come up against mounting expenses. Medical bills climb higher month to month. The possibility of ever making it up begins to feel like something beyond your reach.

Jordan Woodward Cathey offers client-focused experience to those who have suffered from the most severe and destructive kinds of injuries. We have experience navigating both the medical and insurance industries. This experience gives our clients the answers and results they need.

Our experience is even more important when you have had a loved one that has died due to someone else's negligence or wrongdoing. Many times when a loved one dies there are unpaid funeral expenses, outstanding medical bills, and the loss of a family's main source of income.

Very few events can affect us like the loss of a loved one. When their death is the result of another person's negligent behavior, it becomes even harder to accept. While there is really no way to compensate for the loss of life, family members of the deceased can attempt to have a secure financial future by contacting a wrongful death attorney.

As you grieve for a loved one, it can be difficult to handle all the complex legal matters that go into a wrongful death case. Trust Jordan Woodward Cathey to handle your case with the attention and respect that it deserves. 

While a wrongful death lawsuit can never make things right, it goes a long way in holding someone accountable for his or her wrongdoing and making sure that it does not happen to another family.

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